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Damn That Paleo Coconut Squash Soup!

Damn That Paleo Coconut Squash Soup!
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I love soups, especially ones that are made a bit thicker, and are perfect if you don’t want a full meal but need something relatively substantial. I’d have this soup anytime, even though I know most people prefer soups during the winter months. Did that make anyone else think of Game of Thrones? (Yes, I’m slightly obsessed)

This specific soup has a Thai kick to it with the fresh cilantro and coconut milk. I wouldn’t change anything from the recipe, except maybe put in the coconut milk slowly and taste as you pour, this way you don’t put too much (coconut overkill). Another thing, squash likes to take it’s sweet time to get soft, so give it around 40 minutes to reach a softer consistency.

Full Recipe: Click here


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